Video Games

Cult Video Games Essentials: Transformers – Human Alliance (2013)

Transformers: Human Alliance is an arcade rail shooter developed by Sega and released in 2013, based on the live action films. The game can be played with one or two players, and was available in a standard cabinet with a 42″ screen, or a “Theater” version with a 55″ screen.

Players take control of one of two human characters introduced in the game and aid the Autobots in fighting the Decepticons. In most situations, players have to shoot down waves of incoming enemies or defeat a boss by hitting certain weak points. The game also makes use of “quick-time events”, which involve either shooting something before it hits the player, pressing a button at the correct time, or quickly moving the gun in a prompted direction. At the end of each stage, each player is given a grade, and a “Friendship” meter is displayed showing how well the two players worked together.

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