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European Comics Journal launches subscription campaign!

The enthusiasm of those who have read the European Comics Journal’s two promotional issues distributed in March and July, has shown us that there is a need for a magazine of this kind. Therefore we decided to assemble an editorial dream team to help increase the quality of the European Comics Journal. The new 64 pages edition of the magazine will be released quarterly, starting in January 2015.


The European Comics Journal is the new magazine for readers and creators of comics. Apart from news on European comics, with author interviews and exciting articles, the European Comics Journal will offer insight into the going ons in the indie comics industry. It will feature creators and independent publishers and have previews of indie comics, providing comprehensive coverage.


With the previous campaigns we raised enough funding to be able to cover the printing for the two promo issues (that have been free distributed to the public attending Comics events in London). These have been produced by our in-house team of devoted editors and designers, Marcella, Denise, Emma, Cesare and Nadav all of whom have days jobs and have devoted their free time to European Comics Journal. Having subscribers will give us the opportunity to offer them a well deserved pay for their work and commitment, moreover we will be able to add to our team more contributors, journalists and writers from around the world that will enrich and vary the already awesome contents of the magazine. Therefore we are here, once again, on Kickstarter: we want to raise the amount of funding we need to print, package and mail the four issues that will be published in the coming year, whilst paying a reasonable rate to our team. That’s the funding goal for the Kickstarter campaign – once we hit that mark, we know we’re secure to be able to keep doing what we’ve been doing for 2016 too. Kickstarter also offers us the unique opportunity to set defined stretch goals above and beyond the bottom-line funding goal – and if we hit those, too, we’ll be able to enhance our 2016 issues by continuing to include bonuses like posters, badges, personalised membership cards, and other fun extras for you, our backers.

Moreover, Kickstarter is an amazing platform for getting the word out about any kind of creative project – and there are thousands upon thousands of comic fans out there who haven’t heard about us! There are people who are looking for a magazine that will open the door to a world of awesome titles, renowned European creators and international indie ones. Kickstarter is a signal booster to reach out to more of those people, and new fans will be able to sign up for 2016 subscriptions using this same campaign page.

The last reason to go to Kickstarter: find and be found by indie creators. There are thousands of creators out there who will now have the chance to participate in a magazine dedicated to their art!

“We’d like to produce a magazine for readers and creators of comics. To do it we need two things: readers and creators. In other words we need YOU! The funds raised will help to produce the European Comics Journal four issues, a magazine that will be for you to enjoy”

– Giuseppe Pennestri, co-founder of Diego Comics Publishing.

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