Preview: Behemoth #3

While the creative team on the sci-fi horror comic Behemoth got a little behind schedule during con season this summer, our beleaguered fictional mutant paramilitary team never took a break. Their training is too urgent, their skills too raw, their teamwork too unfocused — all stuff you can see for yourself in the latest chapter, on sale now from Monkeybrain Comics! 

When we last checked in, Theresa (Project Behemoth’s newest teammate) was struggling to keep a grip on everything that once made her human. Team leader Rex squared off against the project’s mastermind, General Rayne, and when the ensuing battle took a life these teens were pushed into a very real and very adult new world. Now they have to recover from that debacle in time to embark on their first world-saving mission. Will it go well? I just asked my Magic 8 Ball and it didn’t feel like breaking the news.

As Behemoth gains steam it’s gaining rave reviews and excitement from fans who have been looking for a fresh perspective in genre comics. Writer Chris Kipiniak (Spider-Man, Nightcrawler) and artist J.K. Woodward (Star Trek/Dr. Who, X-Men) continue delivering the goods in the penultimate chapter.

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