Cult Movies

Cult Movie Essentials: Death Duel (1977)

Death Duel is a 1977 Hong Kong wuxia film directed by Chor Yuen under the Shaw Brothers Studio banner. It is viewed by many as the greatest swordplay movie of all time. It stars Derek Yee (younger brother of David Chiang – who cameos in the movie) and Ling Yun and marked the debut of Candice Yu for Shaw Studio where she plays a prostitute. It made Yee as a big a star as his brother.

Yee plays the Third Master, the greatest living swordsman – who has turned his back on killing. Desperate for anonymity he fakes his own death and invents a new life for himself in obscurity.

Unfortunately for him an old foe, a woman named Mu Yung Chiu-ti, seeks revenge for the death of her 46 martial arts brothers who challenged the Third Master and died.

Unable to beat the Third Master fairly, Mu Yung Chiu-ti takes to poisoning him but he is helped by another mysterious swordsman called Yen Shih-san who Mu Yung Chiu-ti tries to get to fight the Third Master.

When Mu Yung Chiu-ti realises the Third Master is still alive she has his lover murdered and frames Yen Shih-san. This results in Yen and the Third Master agreeing to meet in a duel to the death!



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