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June Fairchild passes away aged 68

It is with great sadness that Cult Faction must report that cult actress June Fairchild has passed away at the age of 68 following a battle with liver cancer.

june monkees

Born June Edna Wilson in 1946, Fairchild grew up on Manhatten Beach, California. Fairchild first appeared on the Cult Faction radar with appearances in The Monkees t.v. show and their movie Head.

She then continues with films such as Drive, She Said and Thunderbolt and Lightfoot with Clint Eastwood.

In late 1967, June was the girlfriend of Danny Hutton, who was, along with Cory Wells and Chuck Negron, one of three lead vocalists who were looking to put together a band. When it came to naming the band, June volunteered that she had read a magazine article about the Australian aborigines, who on cold nights, would sleep beside their dogs for warmth. The very coldest weather was called a “three dog night”. Thus the band was named.

Her most famous appearance was in the 1978 Cheech and Chong movie Up In Smoke.

In 2001 she was sentenced to a 3-month jail term for a parole violation on a drunk driving conviction a few years before. She had failed to complete her community service for that conviction, so when she was arrested for driving with an open container in February of 2001, she had to also answer for her previous charge.

In 2007 she attended a theatrical screening of Pretty Maids All in a Row at the 2007 LA Grindhouse Fest. She and co-star Margaret Markov reminisced about the movie for about five minutes before it was shown to the audience.

Sources close to Fairchild tell us her last few years were difficult financially. She’d been homeless for several years. We’re told her friends are reaching out to Tommy Chong to see if he can pitch in for her funeral and burial expenses.

Founded Cult Faction in 2014; previously crawled out of the Black Lodge in 1976, only to find himself in the Village.

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