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What does it mean to be a “Gamer”?

I say to people I am a gamer, and to me being a gamer means spending at least 3 hours a day with a mouse and keyboard or controller in my hand, but then again i have been known to be wrong… occasionally. To most other people this may seem like a waste of time, but being able to immerse yourself into a completely different world and to follow the story of a character that at first you know nothing about and by the end of the game you almost feel like that person.


So what does “Gamer” actually mean, well by definition of the Oxford Dictionary “Gamer” means “A person who plays a game or games, typically a participant in a computer or role-playing game” and to me this is a fairly accurate representation of what a gamer is, but I don’t feel they have it completely right. I think typically when you say to someone you are a gamer they will automatically look to games such as World Of Warcraft and such like, but there is such a broad spectrum of games nowadays that this just isn’t accurate anymore. Of course WoW is still a very active community, currently on the 5th expansion with a fair few more to go, there are FPS games such as the Medal of Honour franchise and Call Of Duty (probably the more popular of the FPS franchises) and lets not forget the always changing FIFA series but lets not get into that…

But like i have said previously, being a gamer is getting the feels of the main character and following their story, what tragedies they experience, what losses they have gone through and the triumphs that follow. Having spent a lot of my time in front of a computer screen, especially as a child, it is easy enough to skip the cutscenes and not read the quest log and just walk/ run towards an objective point. Don’t get me wrong, this doesn’t mean you are not a gamer, it just means you enjoy the gameplay rather than the story, which is fine but you don’t get to follow the growth and evolution of the character and the game.

I feel that games nowadays, game developers and studios are encouraging people to follow the story and progression of the character rather than skipping the cut scenes and this is appealing to a wider audience. Personally i think everyone should be a gamer, no to waste time in front of a few million pixels but to get away from reality even for 30 minutes of running around as a tiny Italian plumber trying to save his Princess for the 10 millionth time in pretty much any of the Super Mario games.

So in conclusion, being a Gamer doesn’t mean you are a nerd with glasses and suspenders, it means you like to do something that requires more concentration and less effort than sports say. Even if you game for pleasure or an escape, stay true to it and don’t take no crap off of nobody!

Let’s Get Gaming!

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2 thoughts on “What does it mean to be a “Gamer”?

  1. Although I enjoy video games and playing them is one of my most time consuming hobbies, I’m not sure I like the term gamer. Sure I’ll call myself a gamer because I also am interested in video game journalism, podcasts, etc. but I also enjoy books, movies and TV and I don’t go around calling myself a bookworm, film buff, and such. It’s weird that video games are associated with the term ‘gamer’ more so then other mediums are associated with dedicated terms…

    anyway I’m just rambling on now…so…back to my coffee! haha

  2. I completely agree with you on that one. I dont agree with the term completely but when someone asks it is just generally easier to say I am a gamer. It is sad that other mediums don’t have terms for them. I may wright about that next.

    Thanks jdh5135

    Scahill – Lets Get Gaming!

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