Review: The Almighties #0 and #1 from Actuality Press

Straight off the bat The Almighties gives you that feeling of excitement. Not since Fables have I read a comic with that Rye smile on my face. You know this is going somewhere and your exited to find out where!

The Almighties lived up to its initial promise, although not without its faults, it is without a doubt a fun ride through a world littered with, mainstream marvel references (“Almighties Amass!”), downright shocks and huge chuckles. How could you have a dull moment, with characters ranging from the big headed and equally armoured Maxi-Tron  to Ms. F – a former downtrodden Canadian housewife turned super heroine, a Black Ops soldier called Mason, Night Fang – a cockney British punk slash werewolf, a wonderful Dead Pool like Wade WIlson,, To Donner Kebab wielding Greek takeaway owner Stefanos.

The Almighties start their journey to protect the U.S.A in issue 1# (unsurprisingly) and there are some serious threats in there way, dreaded animal rights activists, and a lovely coffee shop conundrum that Alan Moore would scoff at (but I loved it) .

This issue is bursting with jokes and action that show off the bizarre array of characters in an illuminating way. Bringing the team to life beautifully and I never thought I’d be empathising with Stefanos but he is easily the best odd job character in the series .. So far

We continue in Issue #0 (surprisingly) much funnier than the first, dealing with the reforming of the group after the events of the first. This instalment smacks of a beginning of a overall story arc that seams comfortable in its self enough to run and run.

alm 1 preview

The panelling and the artwork are excellent if not sometimes a bit inconsistent in colour. All in all The Almighties is a great read, fun from the first page highly recommended.


The Almighties #0 is available now along with a chance for newcomers to catch up with the teams debut in The Almighties #1 new limited variant edition – both available at Actuality Press.

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