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Cult Movie Essentials: Santo in The Mummy’s Revenge (1970)

Santo in “The Mummy’s Revenge aka Santo en la venganza de la momia joins Santo following a tag-team match in Mexico City, he decides he will join an expedition led by Professor Romero that intends to explore ancient ruins. Also along for the trip are engineer Sergio Morales, absent-minded Professor Jiménez , Susana, and Rosa. The group picks up porters and an old Indian guide in a native village. The Indian brings along his grandson, Jorgito.

They open the tomb and find the mummified remains of Nonoc, an Indian warrior who was entombed alive for daring to love a young woman designated as a sacrificial virgin. A scroll found in the tomb places a curse on those who defile the warrior’s resting place, but Santo isn’t impressed: “In all the history of humanity, no mummy has ever returned to life.”

Well, it looks like Santo is wrong this time, since the mummy starts walking around and killing people, starting with the old Indian. The porters rebel and run away; the foreman gets on a horse and tries to ride for help, but the mummy shoots him with a bow and arrow. The mummy also burns down most of the camp. Professors Romero and Jiménez both bite the dust, followed by Rosa. Pretty soon, only Santo, Sergio, Susana, and Jorgito are left. Santo finally comes to grips with the mummy, who is revealed as the greedy Sergio, who wanted all of the riches of the tomb for himself. As the film ends, Susana and Jorgito watch Santo in a wrestling match back in the big city.

NOTE: Santo’s real-life son in the role of young “Agapito” (he’s billed as “Jorgito,” i.e., Jorge Guzmán). Jorge would grow up to continue the Santo legacy as El Hijo del Santo.

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