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Crossguard Lightsabre – Why the fuss?

With the recent Star Wars: The Force Awakens trailer the internet has gone crazy about the crossguard lightsaber. Well I know the expanded universe has been put on the shelf and only the films are now canon but the crossguard lightsaber in the trailer was not its first appearance in the Star Wars universe.


Now admittedly, the crossguard lightsaber, also known as the forked lightsaber, was a type of lightsaber rarely seen in the Star Wars universe but it did still exist. It’s most famous user was the Jedi Roblio Darté, whose lightsaber had two blue blades.


Darté was a male Human Jedi Master and Jedi General who fought in the Clone Wars. He was noted for his skilled use of the crossguard lightsaber. The crossguard lightsaber was essentially a regular lightsaber with a second blade emitter protruding near the first one at a 45-degree angle to the axis of the hilt. The blade the second emitter emitted was dagger-sized. Roblio Darté’s hilt was also built with a slight curve. Darté survived Order 66, but killed during the Conclave on Kessel by Darth Vader.



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