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JLA: Salvation Run

Exiled to a distant hell planet, the villains of the DCU split into two warring factions led by Lex Luthor and The Joker!

Following the events of Black Adam’s rampage in World War III, the Amazonian attack on the United States, the murder of the Flash (Bart Allen), and the Injustice League’s attack upon the wedding of Green Arrow and Black Canary, a U.S. government sponsored secret program is put in place to combat the growing metahuman threat.

Initiated by Executive Order by the President of the United States and carried out by head of Task Force X, Amanda Waller, and the Suicide Squad, the purpose of the program is to capture the supervillains of the world and permanently exile them to the distant planet Salvation via Boom Tube—including several Suicide Squad members once they are no longer needed (examples being Bane and Deadshot).

According to Flag, the prisoners would not be getting any supplies or equipment for their survival, as that would make the government responsible for them, and once they’re offworld, they are no longer Earth’s responsibility. The planet chosen was Cygnus 4019: a planet that was supposed to be peaceful…

From Walden Wong.

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