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What makes a video game a classic?

In this blog I will be running through the Classics, but before we go there, we have to know a few things first.

To understand what makes a game a game, let alone a classic, you have to look at all the different categories that make up a game and for me, the categories are as follows;

Playability: How easy is it to pick up and play?

Story Line: Can you invest yourself within the game and see yourself as a character?

Graphics/ Artwork: Is the game aesthetically pleasing?

Voice Acting: Do the character’s voices match the persona and model of the character?

Customisation: How much of the game/ character can you change?

Levelling system (If applicable): How well does the levelling system work?

Trash mobs and boss fights: Is killing trash mobs fun and is the boss a fun challenge?

To me, these are the most important categories that make up any game. A lot of games that I have played don’t all meet this “Criteria”, but where it lacks in one section it more than makes up for in another.

To understand where I come from when talking about games, let me first explain how I got into gaming and where it has led me.


One of the first controllers I ever picked up was for the SNES, an all-around fantastic machine that was way ahead of its time. The first game I played on this beast of a console was Donkey Kong Country, to me this will always be one of my all-time favourite games. Not only because it was the first game I had ever played properly but also the level structure, the gameplay and the characters where all phenomenal. From there as you can imagine I then went to N64, which again was a console way ahead of its time. The first game I had ever played on the N64 was Super Mario 64 and don’t get me wrong this is one of the best games to be released for N64 but isn’t even in my top 5, but we will get to that later.




Shortly after getting an N64, the Play Station 1 was bought into my household. Which put an entirely new spin on things with regards to gameplay and customisation. First game I played was Pandemonium which looking back on it now wasn’t such a fantastic game but was thoroughly enjoyed none the less. And then of course we move onto the PS2 and I can’t for the life of me remember what the first game I played on this was but the one game that sticks in my head no matter what is Metal Gear Solid: Sons of Liberty. To me, this game is outstanding in all of the specified fields. I feel I shouldn’t leave him out, so the GameCube… an interesting little console if I do say so. Sonic Adventure To Battle was my favourite game on this little machine, plenty more to be mentioned but as I said before, later.


Now we are getting on to the next level gaming platforms where the graphics and the gameplay where shot out of the water. Xbox 360, what more do I need to say apart from step up son! The 360 gave us a completely new look at how the mechanics of a game can be altered. The first game I played on this console was Kameo, what an awful game it was but none the less has been completed.


PS3 I can’t really say much about, I did have a PS3 but never really played much of it compared to my Xbox, however Little Big Planet was a masterpiece of a game. And the Wii…… well as you can imagine I did play the Wii. Not much as a gamer but with family and friends messing around but we did have a good time which I guess what gaming about in a roundabout kind of way.


And now the Xbox one and the PS4, personally I do not own either of these ridiculously priced pieces of kit however I do own a custom built Desktop which is probably about as much as the 2 next gens put together. But hey, building and upgrading a Tower is an investment over time. Anyway, next gen consoles the Xbox one and the PS4. I have played both and don’t feel that it has been much of a mark-up on their predecessors apart from the massive graphical jump and the fact that they now require installs….. hmmm a little bit like PC if you ask me.

So what do I play?

Primarily I am a PC gamer with a library of 100+ games, 90% of which need to be completed as I just buy them when they are cheap, which is one of the bonuses of PC gaming. What I do play is Real Time Zombie Survival Games such as DayZ SA, DayZ Mod, Infestation (not so much anymore), Rust, The Forrest and a few more. I also play a lot of FPS such as the COD franchise (not since BLOPS2), Titanfall, etc.

So the classics

I’m still fairly young, so when you say classic to me the first game the springs to mind is Legend Of Zelda: Ocarina of time but if you speak to someone a little more “seasoned” they may say something completely different like Mortal Kombat on the NES, but I guess it is all down to personal preference.

In the upcoming weeks I will be doing reviews of what I consider to be classic games, please send me in your suggestions for games that you believe to be Classics and if I haven’t heard it or haven’t played it, then I will complete it and review it in the same day. I will also be setting up a youtube channel for lets plays and walkthroughs etc as well as some review videos so keep an eye out for Scaaahill!

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2 thoughts on “What makes a video game a classic?

  1. One classic for me is MediEvil 2!

    Honestly, worth a try if you’ve not played it and it’s from the PS1 era, which now I think is old enough to be considered “classic”. The games industry moves fast. It’s fair to say that Minecraft might well be a classic, simply for its massive appeal and approachability.

    Great article!

    1. I can tell you now, I haven’t played MediEvil but give it a go soon!

      I think Minecraft has been considered a classic for some time due to how basic and kind of backwards it is. We went from games like GTA and Oblivion to an 8 bit dig and build. Will be doing a review on MC soon so watch this space.

      Thanks for the feedback, much appreciated.


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