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Cult Movie Essentials: Agent For H.A.R.M (1966)

Agent for H.A.R.M. is a 1966 science fiction spy thriller directed by Gerd Oswald and starring Peter Mark Richman. It is one of a number of spy thrillers of the time which have conspicuous sci-fi elements. In this case it is the inclusion of deadly spores which turn human flesh into fungus on contact.

It was originally intended that this film would act as the television pilot for a new spy series. However, it was later decided that it should be given a theatrical release instead.


  • Peter Mark Richman as Adam Chance
  • Carl Esmond as Professor Janos Steffanic
  • Barbara Bouchet as Ava Vestok
  • Martin Kosleck as Basil Malko
  • Wendell Corey as Jim Graff
  • Robert Quarry as Borg
  • Rafael Campos as Luis
  • Aliza Gur as Mid-Eastern contact
  • Donna Michelle as Marian
  • Marc Snegoff as Conrad
  • Chris Anders as Schloss
  • Steve Stevens as Billy
  • Horst Ebersberg as Helgar
  • Ray Dannis as Henry Manson
  • Robert Donner as Morgue attendant


Adam Chance (Peter Mark Richman), works for an American agency, H.A.R.M. (Human Aetiological Relations Machine). He is assigned to protect Dr. Jan Steffanic (Carl Esmond), a recent Soviet defector who has developed a new weapon which fires spores that upon contact with skin slowly eat the body away.

Following Dr Steffanic’s arrival in the US he is taken into protective custody by H.A.R.M. and is placed in a beach house along with his niece and Agent Chance to develop a spore antidote. Here he reveals the communists’ real plan, which is to dust all of the American crops with these deadly spores. During their time at this house Chance falls for Steffanic’s niece Ava Vestok (Barbara Bouchet), who is later revealed to be a communist spy. After the flat is attacked, Dr Steffanic is kidnapped by European spies and taken to a warehouse. Chance eventually rides in and a gun fight ensues in which Steffanic is exposed to the deadly spores in a valiant sacrifice, and dies. Afterwards, Chance re-appears at the beach house and arrests Ava for good.


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