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Cult Movie Essentials: Nukie (1988)

Nukie is a 1988 essentially awful science fiction movie directed by Sias Odendal and Michael Pakleppa. It concerns two alien brothers crash their ship in the U.S. They get separated, and one searches the country for the other one.


Glynis Johns
Sister Anne
Steve Railsback
Dr. Eric Harvey
Ronald France
The Corporal
Siphiwe Mlangeni
Sipho Mlangeni
Bewan Windell
David Fox
Sara Braunstein
Sam Ntsinyi
Jabulile Phakane
Fats Dibeco
Mpefu (as Fats Dibeko)
Reed Evans
Dr. Barbara Rhinestone
Carin C. Tietze
Pamela Carter
Lester C. Muller
Dr. Glynn
Marcel Schneider
Calvin Burke
Dr. Bradley (as Calvin E. Burke)
Nghaupe Pheto
Meshak Dlamini
Siphiwe Nyaosi
Charlie the Chimpanzee
Charlie the Chimpanzee
Janice Honeyman
Kurtis Kent
Michael McCabe



Cashing in on E.T. and Mac and Me, we meet Nukie and his brother Meeko – two ugly little aliens with big heads and runny noses who fly through space using some sort of personal energy rather than ships.

They are tempted by the beauty of the earth, fly too close, and crash. Nukie lands in Africa and is relatively unharmed; Meeko lands in the United States and is immediately picked up by NASA. At least, I think it’s NASA. Its logo appears in several places, but the stock-footage building exterior is definitely not NASA. Nor is it ever called `NASA’. It’s called the Space Foundation. And there are beer cans in the break room! But since NASA is the only space agency in the U.S., that’s what it has to be.

Scene after scene begins with an exterior shot of `NASA’. The voice-over gives the date and time (sometimes the times don’t synch with the amount of daylight shown), and more often than not he follows with `nothing unusual to report’ before telling us that Meeko has escaped or some such. If that’s not unusual, I don’t know what is.

While Meeko suffers in America, Nukie meets the quirky inhabitants of a small village in Africa. He befriends twin boys named Tookie and Tiko, and a chimp named Charlie. Nukie and the boys search for `America’, which they think is the name of the evil-doer who is holding Meeko. They must avoid an American chopper pilot working for NASA, local poachers, and a pesky nun (Glynis Johns) while they do so.

It all ends happily, of course, because this is a kids’ movie. Nukie and Meeko fly into space amidst stock footage of fireworks, and they bring along one of their new friends from Earth. Who is the friend? You’ll have to watch the movie to find out!

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