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Ultra Fight Orb is coming to Blu-Ray!

Premium Bandai announced a special Blu-ray set of Ultra Fight Orb, which comes with a Reibatos Limited Color vinyl figure. The set will include all eight-episodes of the spin-off which currently shows during Ultraman Zero THE CHRONICLE. 

Ultra Fight Orb centers around Ultraman Orb and Ultraman Zero defending the universe from Reibatos as he plans to continue in Ultraman Belial’s footsteps and revive 100 monsters to rule the galaxy.

The Blu-ray Disc will contain all eight episodes plus bonus content such as audio commentary from director Koichi Sakamoto and head writer Junichiro Ashiki.

Ultra Fight Orb: Lend Me the Power of a Parent and Child! is coming this spring

Ultra Fight is Ultra Fight Orb: Lend Me the Power of a Parent and Child! is coming this spring. This new Ultraman Orb spinoff will follow Kurenai Gai/Ultraman Orb as he battles new villain Phantom Wizard Ray Batos with the help of Ultraman Zero and his father Ultra Seven:

Ray Batos, who can manipulate the ghosts of various monsters appears before Zero and Orb. Orb will use various fusion ups including Lightning Attacker as he fights against the ghost monsters. Orb has also inherited the parent-child power of Seven and Zero, Emerium Slugger! Will Orb be able to overcome the threat of Ray Batos?