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Trailer released for Ninpuu Sentai Hurricaneger de Gozaru! Shushuuto 20th Anniversary Movie

The official Ninpuu Sentai Hurricaneger de Gozaru! Shushuuto 20th Anniversary film website has revealed the film’s official trailer. The plot…

In the Edo period, ninjas of the Hayate Style, namely: Takanosuke, Nami, and Kyotaro, and ninjas of the Ikazuchi Style, namely: Ikkaku and Ichiga are guarding Teruhime, are confronted by Oiranda and Aunja of the Ura Seven Spears. Teruhime is being escorted by the two Ikazuchi Style ninjas when they were attacked. They are after Teruhime’s Tensho Stone, a stone that is said to be capable in destroying the world. Just when all hope seems lost, the Hurricaneger and the Gouraigers travelled back in time from the future, and are now engaged in a fierce battle!

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