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Election Night trailer released

ELECTION NIGHT is a politically-inspired home invasion thriller from director Neil Monaghan and produced by Ben Pickering (Welcome to Curiosity) and Frazer Brown (Tales from the Quarantine). It taps into the unease and division that still plagues our country post-Brexit. Think ABIGAIL’S PARTY meets THE PURGE’ in the normally quiet London suburb of Notting Hill.

Five socialist friends have a house party to celebrate the expected win of their female candidate.  But a British far right candidate isn’t far behind her in the polls and his supporters are rioting on the streets. When violence erupts across the country, there’s a knock at the door and a plea for help. With one simple action, everyone’s lives will be changed forever.

ELECTION NIGHT features a cast of emerging British talent including Sean Cronin (MISSION IMPOSSIBLE: ROGUE NATION), Julian Seager (VIKINGS: VALHALLA) and starring Bruce Payne (PASSENGER 57) as the leader of the ‘New Britain Party’, the captivating yet sinister Dominic Drummond.

ELECTION NIGHT is available on UK VOD platforms Sky Store, Virgin Media, Amazon, Rakuten and all MAJOR platforms now.

The Britain of ELECTION NIGHT is a society where the public are disillusioned with traditional politicians and the “Establishment.” Many believe in a new optimistic rhetoric from a fictitious firebrand socialist party, the Progressive Social Alliance. Others put their faith in a new populist far-right movement, the New Britain Party, headed by former newspaper baron Dominic Drummond (Bruce Payne).  As the election results pour in, five friends gather to watch the TV coverage. It’s a drink-fuelled night that should be a huge celebration of victory. But outside far-right NBP supporters are rioting and claiming a rigged election. Three people desperately seeking shelter from the violence knock on the door as the police lose control. 

Director Neil Monaghan states:

“We live in interesting times, the world is becoming ever more politically divided but the ideological rift is not split along traditional party lines. More than ever, people are retreating into their political bubbles, a world of black and white and nowhere in-between. This is a film that explores what Britain might look like if the left and the right can’t find common ground. It’s set a few years from now and no reference is made to the actual political parties of today. Instead of Conservatives, Labour and Lib Dems, we have fictional parties from both right and left struggling for relevance in the shadow of a far left-wing party and a surging populist far-right movement. With division so rife, a misinformed, desperate generation could very easily back a charismatic extremist who manipulates fear. It’s been a long time since the world was as divided as it is now. Whether it’s the legacy of Trump in America, the rise of extremism in South America, mainland Europe or Brexit closer to home, politics is more polarised than ever. It’s a powder keg just waiting to go off. ELECTION NIGHT is a film that goes beyond horror. After all, it’s a scary world we now live in”

Producer Ben Pickering adds:

“ELECTION NIGHT started life as a work of complete fiction. Set in the near future, with a country divided by fictitious parliamentary opponents and exaggerated political ideologies. But since filming began, everything we’ve dramatised has come true. The reality presented in the film is quickly becoming indistinguishable from events in the real world: lame duck mainstream political leaders, polarised politics and ineffective politicians. ELECTION NIGHT presents a world where no middle ground can be found, whether it’s between politicians or between people, and the terrifying consequences of that.”

Producer Frazer Brown:

“ELECTION NIGHT holds a mirror to our times both politically and morally as a society. I was a huge fan of Neil Monaghan’s play EYE CONTACT, and his unique take on this political subject matter is very interesting. Do we as a society resort to aggressive even violent opposition in the belief we are doing what’s correct? do we still deserve the chance to be heard? It’s a fascinating premise and a ‘horror’ film that will hopefully lead to debate as well as entertainment. I was hooked the minute I read it declaring it “Abigail’s Party meets The Purge”, an ‘Abigail’s Purge’ if you will.”

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