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Full line up for the Horror-on-Sea Film Festival 2022 announced

Following a hiatus in 2021 due to the pandemic, Horror-on-Sea will be making a welcome return to Southend in 2022 with what promises to be its biggest yet. Horror-on-Sea is recognised by many as the true home of independent horror and remains one of the UK’s biggest independent film festivals.

Horror-on-Sea was originally formed to promote independent horror films and will continue to uphold that tradition, giving the horror fans an opportunity to see independent titles which would not normally be played on the big screen.

Hosted once again at The Park Inn Palace Hotel (Southend-on-Sea) the festival will be running over two weekends from Friday 14th January to Sunday 16th January and Friday 21st January to Sunday 23rd January.

Festival organiser Paul Cotgrove had the following to say about the festival returning: We are delighted to finally be back in action next January after the disappointment of having to cancel the festival in January 2021 due to the Covid 19 pandemic. Horror fans can expect to see a very strong line up of Independently made Horror films from the UK and the rest of the world, many of which will be introduced by the filmmakers and actors themselves.

You can find the full festival listing for both weekends below.

Tickets and exclusive Horror-on-Sea merchandise is now available on the website and can be collected at the festival:

Friday 14th January


Blood Craft – USA : 1h 36m : 2019 : Directed by James Cullen Bressack

+ Shorts

Arachne – Germany : 5m : Directed by Dave Lojek and Deiter Leitner

I Never Left You Alone – Spain : 18m : Directed by Mireia Noguera


Insanity – Finland : 1h 16m : 2020 : Directed by Miska Kajanus

+ Shorts

Annie – Spain : 14m : Directed by Miki Duran

Monster – Spain : 14m : Directed by Jaime Olias


Bad CGI Sharks  – USA : 1h 34m : 2019: Directed by MaJaMa

+ Shorts

There Will be Monsters – Spain : 6m : Directed by Carlota Pereda

I’ll Count to Three – Spain : 13m : Directed by Carlos Bigorra


Chinese Speaking Vampires – USA : 1h 21m : USA : Directed by Randy Kent

+ Shorts

Wolves – USA : 5m : Directed by Desmond Levi Jackson

Us (Nosotros) – Spain : 15m : Directed by Silvia Pradas


Hosticide – UK : 1h 32m : 2021 : Directed by Geoff Harmer

+ Shorts

Smile – UK : 12m : Directed by Geofff Harmer

Selfie – UK : 7m : Directed by Geoff Harmer


Cannibal Hookers – USA : 1h 20m : 2019: Directed by Donald Farmer &  Caroline Kopko

+ Short

The Catching – UK : 3m : Directed by Daisy Locke & Sofia Degerhammar

Saturday 15th January



VHS Forever, Once Upon a Time In Camden – UK : 1h 20m : 2020 : Directed by Mark Williams

+ Short

All Dressed in White – UK : 33m : Directed by Jason Wright


True Fiction – Canada : 1h 37m : 2019 : Directed by Braden Croft

+ Shorts

Killer Party – UK : 3m : Directed by Nina Romain

Vicious Valentine – UK : 5m : Directed by Nina Romain

Ghost London – UK : 7m : Directed by Nina Romain

15:30 Entrance not included in any Festival pass

Live event – Pat Higgins’ Masterclass: Pat Higgins vs Powertool Cheerleaders –


Stomach – Italy : 1h 15m : 2019 : Directed by Alex Visani

+ Shorts

Bloody Birthday – Germany : 5m : Directed by Dieter Primig

Exit – Russia : 21m : Directed by Ivan Basov


They’re Outside – UK : 1h 24m : 2020 : Directed by Sam Casserly & Airell Anthony Hayles

+ Shorts

Goryo – UK : 2m : Directed by Emma Dark

Misconception – UK : 8m : Directed by Richard Rowntree

For Sale – UK/Italy : 16m : Directed by Francesco Gabriele


Beyond Fury – UK : 1h 53m : 2019 : Directed by Darren Ward

+ Shorts

Click – UK : 1m : Directed by David Hutchison

The Allotment – UK : 6m : Directed by Alexander Churchyard & Michael Holiday


Girls, Guns and Blood – USA : 1h 15m : 2019 : Directed by Thegin German & Robert Rowland

+ Short

Now Following You – Ireland : 3m : Directed by Patrick Foster

Sunday 16th January


Ouijageist – UK : 60m : 2018 : Directed by John R Walker

+ Shorts

Black Death – UK : 2m : Directed by Debbie Fox

Dishonest – UK : 40m : Directed by John Ryan


You Might Get Lost – UK : 1h 30m : 2021 : Directred by Jim Eaves

+ Shorts

Don’t Open the Box – UK : 4m : Directed by Joe Duncombe

Off The Hook – UK : 5m : Directed by Daniel Keeble

See What She Did – UK : 6m : Directed by Daniel Keeble


Redwood Massacre: Annihilation – USA : 1h 44m : 2020 : Directed by David Ryan Keith

+ Short

Bad News – UK : 14m : Directed by Blake Ridder


Decline – UK : 1h 23m : 2021 : Directed by Sam Bell

+ Shorts

School Hall Slaughter – Wales : 12m : Directed by Huw Lloyd

She of The Land – UK : 15m : Directed by Gary J Hewit


Death Ranch – UK/USA : 1h 18m : 2020: Directed by Charlie Steeds

+ Shorts

For Him – UK : 8m : Directed by Ian Killick

Frank and Mary – UK : 17m : Directed by Paul Williams


Final Caller – USA : 1h 32m : 2021 : Directed by Todd Sheets

+ Short

The Bandaged Man – UK : 2m : Directed by Gary J Hewitt


Friday 21st January



Teacher Shortage – USA : 1h 27m : 2020 : Directed by Troy Escamilla

+ Shorts

Sister – Spain : 16m : Directed by Mikaela Bruce

Casulos: Cocoons of Outer Space – Brazil : 13m : Directed by Joel Caetano


To Your Last Death – USA : 1h 32m : 2019 : Directed by Jason Axinn

+ Shorts

Ghar Se – India : 10m : Directed by Mridul M Nair

Psychic Sue – Ireland/Germany : 13m : Directed by David Lojek


The House Guest – Italy : 1h 24m : 2021 : Directed by Dominic Domiziano Cristopharo

+ Shorts

The Sherman Oaks Haunting – USA : 2m : Directed by Matthan Harris

Expecting – Canada : 8m : Directed by Ryan Couldrey

Polter – Spain : 12m : Directed by Alvaro Vicario


Zombies From Sector 9 – Belgium : 1h 27m : 2020 : Directed by Rob Ceus

+ Shorts

Death on Halloween Night – Canada : 1m : Directed by Amir Kiani

Deadly Scare – UK : 7m : Directed by Radi Nikolov

The Barber – Ukraine : 8m : Directed by Sergiy Pudich


Bad Moon Rising – UK : 1h 23m :  2021 : Directed by Alasdair MacKay

+ Shorts

The Weird World of Molly Brown – UK : 15m : Directed by Molly Brown

The Thinning Veil – UK : 10m : Directed by MJ Dixon


Clownado – USA : 1h 40m : 2019 : Directed by Todd Sheets

+ Short

The Rapture Disaster – UK : 2m : Directed by Gary J Hewitt

Saturday 22nd January



The Last Zombi Hunter – UK : 1h 00m : 2010 : Directed by S N Sibley

+ Short

Darkness in Mind – UK : 48m : Directed by Steve Jolley


Artik – USA : 1h 18m : 2019 : Directed by Tom Botchii

+ Shorts

Zombie Park – UK : 4m : Directed by Kieran Ran Edwards

Cold Caller – UK : 10m : Directed by Darren J Perry

The Woods are Plagued – UK : 3m : Directed by James E Taylor

Sleep Clown – UK : 14m : Directed by James E Taylor


The Good Things Devils Do – USA : 1h 21m : 2020: Directed by Jess Norvisgaard

+ Shorts

The Beholder – UK : 2m : Directed by Shaun Clark

Sausages – Country : 6m : Directed by Art of the Village


Road Trip – UK : 12m : Directed by Ronald J Wright

+ Short

All Consumed – UK : 14m : Directed by Debbie Lane


Surveilled – UK : 1h 45m : 2021 : Directed by James Smith

+ Short

Clan – Scotland : 14m : Directed by Claudia Lee


Tennessee Gothic – USA : 1h 29m : 2019 : Directed by Jeff Wedding

+ Shorts

Old Dice’s Story – UK : 7m : Directed by Andrew Elias

No Signal – UK : 19m : Directed by Pablo Raybould and Ben Manning


Hate Little Rabbit – UK : 1h 16m : 2021 : Directed by Bazz Hancher

+ Shorts

Ring Around the Rosie – UK : 2m : Directed by Jamie H Scrutton

Lonnie Knutsengripper Presents: The Knocking Shop of Horrors – UK : 5m : Directed by Richard Rowbotham

Sunday 23rd January


All the Fear of the Fair (Director’s Cut) – UK : 58m : 2020 : Directed by Chris Jupp

+ Shorts

Bunker or Tales I Heard When the Earth Fell – Portugal : 39m : Directed by Joao Estrada

Original Sin – UK : 9m : Directed by Chris Jupp


Abigail Haunting – USA : 1h 23m : 2020 : Directed by  Kelly Schwarze

+ Shorts

Peter the Penguin – UK : 10m : Directed by Andrew Rutter

Inadvertent – UK : 5m : Directed by Sheridan Sinclair

Consequences – UK : 8m : Directed by Sheridan Sinclair


Jezebel – UK : 1h 15m : 2021 : Directed by Joe Cash

+ Shorts

Hollie – UK  : 7m : Directed by Velton J Lishke

Skinned – UK : 16m : Directed by Andre Harrison

She Dogs of the SS – UK : 2m : Directed by Joe Cash

Slutty the Clown – UK : 10m : Directed by Joe Cash


Whisper – UK : 1h 16m : 2021: Directed by Christopher Jolley

+ Shorts

Blood, Sweat and Gimp Masks – UK : 17m : Directed by John Carpenter

Locked – UK : 40m : Directed by Niki Cornish



Harvest of the Dead : Halloween Night – UK : 1h  : 2021 : Directed by Peter Goddard and Terence Elliott

+ Shorts

Mermaid in a Jar – Finland : 6m : Directed by Tomi Malakias

The Last Christmas in the Universe – Spain : 19m : Directed by David Munoz and Adrian Cardona

Santa Baby – UK : 11m : Directed by Jonathan Zaurin


The Demonic Dead – USA : 1h 4m : 2017 : Directed by Rick Vargas

+ Shorts

Bill – UK : 4m : Directed by Sophie Mair

You can keep up to date with news about Horror-on-Sea via the website and following social media: Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.

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