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Inside Job is coming to Netflix

Created by Shion Takeuchi (Gravity Falls, Regular Show), Inside Job is lining up to be Netflix’s next big animated comedy series. It will run for twenty episodes beginning on October 22nd 2021.

“In the world of Inside Job, conspiracies are not merely theories, they are very much part of the reality lived by our colorful cast of strange characters. Striving to keep these conspiracies a secret from the public is not at all an easy job but that’s precisely what our protagonists do as a living at Cognito Inc. In a workplace overrun with reptilian shapeshifters and psychic mushrooms, anti-social geek genius Reagan Ridley is seen by her coworkers as an odd individual for her ingrained belief that the world could be a better place. Reagan believes that her work could make a difference and bring something positive to the table.”

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The series will star Lizzy Caplan as Reagan Ridley, alongside Christian Slater, Clark Duke, Tisha Campbell, Will Blagrove, Andrew Daly, Bobby Lee, John DiMaggio and Brett Gelman.

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