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Shadows trailer released

Directed by Glenn Chan, Shadows follows forensic psychiatrist Xu Xiaojing who has accepted the request of the crime team Sha Zhan Afa to conduct a psychiatric appraisal for a murderer who killed his family and failed to commit suicide. After contacting and talking to the murderer, Xiaojing discovered that there was another voice in the suspect’s subconscious space, inducing him to perform various brutal behaviors. Based on the suspect’s illness, Xiaojing tracked down his last psychiatrist, Ren Zhongguang, and discovered that he was the master of the voice! He actually abetted the patient to kill! Xiaojing asked Afa for help. Although Afa didn’t trust her 100%, he still followed the clues provided by Xiaojing to investigate, and at the same time kept an eye on it. Unfortunately, even if they succeeded in hunting down the second murderer, they still couldn’t find the iron proof of Ren Shigeguang. At this time, Afa learned of Xiaojing’s childhood trauma and began to doubt whether she was as righteous as before others. It stars Stephy Tang and Philip Keung.

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