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Endless Love trailer released

Directed by Ma Jianjun, Endless Love begins at midnight, when the ghostly and terrifying little corpse girl returns! Haunted by the tragic death of female ghosts many times, the horrifying long hair that appeared under the bed, the half white clothes that appeared and disappeared in the closet bizarrely, the white shadows that flickered in the lens, and the grim and stern calls one after another, shocked Night fell on the bed of ghosts infiltrating the bone marrow, and the girl who fell into the abyss of horror was once again in the middle of the night possessed by a ghost and carried a knife. Every moment, she could encounter strange phenomena… A journey of revenge and brutal death. Quietly open! If you love someone wrong, if you enter the maze of death, the possession of bad luck cannot escape the possession of ghosts, and your life is weird and miserable! The pain of incomprehension and the unspeakable fear always stung her nerves of extreme breakdown. However, all this is just the beginning, not the end! The terrifying conspiracy of surviving the corpse is pressing step by step in an extremely cruel and brutal way. The contract between man and ghost gradually appears, and the screaming horror is on the verge. It stars Yin Yasen, Zeng Chen, Ma Wing, and Liu Yanqi.

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