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Marvel release Heroes Reborn trailer

It was one of the worst ideas in comic book history, but now it is back atleast in name only! Marvel have released a trailer for Heroes Reborn– a reimagining of the Marvel Universe without the Avengers. Unlike the 90’s catastrophe, this version by writer Jason Aaron and artist Ed McGuinness takes place in a universe where Tony Stark never built the Iron Man armor, Thor is an Atheist, Wakanda is a myth, and without the Avengers to find him, Captain America remains frozen in ice leaving The Squadron Supreme of America as Earth’s mightiest heroes saving the world from the likes of Dr. Juggernaut, the Black Skull, the Silver Witch, and Thanos. Nobody remembers the way things were except Blade who takes centre stage (just in time for his MCU debut). This looks like it will be an exciting read akin to the Age of Apocolypse event, just a shame they tagged it with the name “Heroes Reborn” – a storyline that stunk up the comic world so bad that nobody ever wants to see again!

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