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Review- The Devil’s Heist (2020)

The Devil’s Heist is the first feature of director Fernando Acevedo, who previously directed the 2014 short The Little Crown. It sees a trio of small time criminals’ inadvertently rob the bank the Devil keeps his money in.

This is an odd low budget horror, where nothing seems to come together. In fact its main purpose seems to be to give anyone with tattoos the producers know a job. There is definitely an idea here. Robbing the Devil’s savings and his hunt to retrieve them is quite intriguing. The problem being is that no one here seems to be able to turn this idea into a plot.

The other problem the film has is that all the actors constantly are on the verge of laughing. It’s very hard to buy into the jeopardy when those involved are mugging at each other. Not one of the actors seems to fully commit to their roles. Some looks embarrassed, others lost. There are no great performances.

I did like the way he film split itself into chapters. It did help break the barely strung together plot down a little. It would have been nice to have maybe named each of the chapters, to give it a short the feel of a series of shorts.

Robert Bravo has also done a great job with the special makeup effects. Working on what I guess was a tight budget; he has managed to create something quite convincing. At moments the effects remind me of the 1990’s adaptation of Roald Dhal’s The Witches.

Currently more of an idea than a movie The Devil’s Heist might be something the writers might want to revisit when they can secure a higher budget. At the moment it’s just a bit of a mess.

Marks out of 10: 3

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