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Triggered (2020)

With some films, no matter how obvious it is, those involved will go to great pains to disavow any influences. In Triggered they actually have a character point out the similarities to the Saw franchise during the film. Throw in a little bit of Battle Royale, Hunger Games, and Wedlock and you’ll have a good idea of Triggered’s plot.

Here in lies the films charm, it knows what it is and isn’t embarrassed by it. In no way could Triggered be considered high art or complex. The plot needs a heavy suspension of disbelief or you’ll just spend the film picking it apart. The characters are very much the usual horror move troupes; you’ll guess the survivor very pretty much straight away. The script is cringe worthy at times, which will make you laugh in the wrong places. Somehow though Triggered pulls you along passed all of this and is actually quite enjoyable.

One of the reasons for this is that you really so start to route for one of the characters. The fact that you do want them to survive does get you invested in the story. The film is also well paced. The character types are established quickly, the plot and subplots unravel themselves in a logical pattern, and the set pieces well directed.

The movie is also well casted, with each actor fitting the expectations of their character. There are points when the acting is of a really high standard; unfortunately these are juxtaposed with scenes where the acting becomes wooden. The jump from great to subpar can be a little jarring and distracting.

Triggered is the type of Saturday night horror you can enjoy with friends. During you’ll laugh about how ridicules the whole thing is, all route for the right person to live, recoil at some of the deaths and afterwards all say that was actually OK.

Marks out of 10: 7

Samuel Goldwyn Films will release TRIGGERED On Demand and Digital November 6th 2020.  

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