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Doctor Who Fan Film Series 6 trailer released

Not your average fan film series, the incredibly talented crew of independent youtube channel MB and Homeland have premiered their trailer for their newest and final season of their Doctor Who fan series.

This season looks set to be their biggest yet and in terms of quality looks to be unparalleled in the fan film sphere. This season sees MB and Homeland’s interpretation of the Doctor, played by Callum Houston, facing off against all manner of foes new and old. From the trailer alone we can catch glimpses of the Autons and the Cybermen as well as a myriad of other as yet unknown enemies.

Starring Mark Bray and Annabelle Williams as the Doctor’s companions, this series is their most explosive yet. If you’re a Doctor Who fan or a fan of independent filmmaking, I highly suggest checking out the trailer below and subscribing to their youtube channel.

The series premieres 2021 and is not to be missed. 


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