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New Kamen Rider Saber trailer released

Once upon a time, a singular book created a world. Within this book there were myths and tales, and knowledge of life, science, history and so much more. The power of literature has allowed humanity to develop over millennia. And those who have preserved this immense power are fabled swordsmen chosen by their Sacred Swords!

However, one of those swordsmen betrayed them, and swore to make that power his own. In the midst of battle, the book that held this power was scattered, along with the memories of the worlds within.

This very battle has yet to reach its conclusion. Kamiyama Touma, a young novelist, must recall memories of his forgotten past and take up the mantle of Kamen Rider Saber to fight alongside the organization maintaining the balance of the world, the Sword of Logos!

Together with the other Wonder Riders, they will rival the influence of the Swordsman of Darkness Kamen Rider Calibur, and the Monsters of the Manuscripts, the Megidou, who seek to fuse their world with the Wonder World itself! When Touma wields the Sacred Sword of Flames, his destiny will change forever! Wield the Sacred Sword and save everything in your path!

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