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Archer Season 11 trailer released

The Archer Season 11 trailer has been released…

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The Return trailer released

Richard Harmon and Sara Thompson, stars of The CW’s smash-hit series The 100, star in the award-winning supernatural thriller THE RETURN, premiering On Demand and Digital this August. Rodger returns Read more

Stargirl Season 2 Extended Trailer released

DC's Stargirl soars back into action with Season 2 premiering Tuesday August 10th 2021...

Second trailer released for Ghostbusters: Afterlife

From director Jason Reitman and producer Ivan Reitman, comes the next chapter in the original Ghostbusters universe. In Ghostbusters: Afterlife, when a single mom and her two kids arrive in Read more

Season 10 teaser released for Archer

The Season 10 teaser released for Archer has been declassified...  

Preview- Archer Season 11 Ep. 8: Cold Fusion

In Archer Season 11 Ep. 8: Cold Fusion, Archer and the gang travel to Antarctica to solve a murder mystery with international implications...

Preview- Archer Season 11 Ep. 7: Caught Napping

In Archer Season 11 Ep. 7: Caught Napping, AJ is kidnapped and it's up to Archer to get her back and keep Lana's rampage pointed in the right direction. Written Read more

Preview- Archer Season 11 Ep. 6: The Double Date

In Archer Season 11 Ep. 6: The Double Date, Archer shows off his date to Lana. Cyril shows Archer's date a top-secret dossier. Archer's date shows Archer his innermost desires. Read more

Preview- Archer Season 11 Ep. 5: Best Friends

In Archer Season 11 Ep. 5: Best Friends, Archer is head over heels for his new valet, Aleister. Will Archer do Aleister's recommended rehabilitation exercises or just eat himself to Read more

Preview- Archer Season 11 Ep. 4: Robot Factory

In Archer Season 11 Ep. 4: Robot Factory, Archer and the gang team up with Barry to stop an army of Barrys from turning the world into Barrys. Written by Matt Read more

Preview- Archer Season 10 Ep. 3: The Leftovers

In Archer Season 10 Ep. 3: The Leftovers, Pam's sandwich ruins everyone's dinner by releasing something deep inside of them...

Preview- Archer Season 10 Ep. 2: Happy Borthday

In Archer Season 10 Ep. 2: Happy Borthday, the crew provides entertainment for Bort while Barry-6 tries to crack Archer's safe...

Preview- Archer S11 Ep. 3: Helping Hands

In Archer S11 Ep. 3: Helping Hands, the Agency attempts to steal experimental technology from a reclusive inventor, but they forgot one vital item... Sterling Archer. Written by Shana Gohd. Read more

Post Mortem: No One Dies in Skarnes trailer released

Live Hallangen is found dead in Skarnes, but all of the sudden she wakes up on the autopsy table and the questions begin... It turns out she is back from Read more

Paula Malcomson

Born on 1st June 1970 in Belfast, Northern Ireland, Paula Malcomson has become a prolific character actor who manages to steal the show no matter the size of her role Read more

Ouija Shark 2 now in production!

After Ouija Shark made a splash with B-movie shark fans just over a year ago, Wild Eye Releasing has announced that the official sequel is currently filming with principal photography Read more

New Exorcist trilogy in development!

The Exorcist is being rebooted. Like the demon Pazuzu it seems it just wont go away and this time it is possessing the career of Leslie Odom Jr. who is set Read more

Netflix developing Pokemon Live-Action Series!

Netflix are in the early stages of developing Pokemon Live-Action Series! The Hollywood Reporter has revealed that they already have a writer's room set up focusing on the show led Read more

Lilith trailer released

Genre icons Vernon Wells (The Road Warrior, Commando), Felissa Rose (Sleepaway Camp, Return to Sleepaway Camp), Devanny Pinn (House of Manson, The Dawn), and Thomas Haley (Camp Twilight, Blind) star Read more

La Brea trailer released

La Brea is an epic adventure begins when a massive sinkhole opens in the middle of Los Angeles, pulling hundreds of people and buildings into its depths. Those who fell Read more

Kamen Rider Revice trailer released

Check out the official trailer for the 50th anniversary Kamen Rider series - Kamen Rider Revice!

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