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Honor Blackman passes away aged 94

It is Cult Faction’s sad duty to report that Honor Blackman has passed away at the age of 94 years old. In a statement, her family said she died peacefully of natural causes at home in Lewes, East Sussex. They added:

“As well as being a much adored mother and grandmother, Honor was an actor of hugely prolific creative talent. With an extraordinary combination of beauty, brains and physical prowess, along with her unique voice and a dedicated work ethic, she achieved an unparalleled iconic status in the world of film and entertainment. With absolute commitment to her craft and total professionalism in all her endeavours she contributed to some of the great films and theatre productions of our times. We ask you to respect the privacy of our family at this difficult time.”

Blackman was known for playing Cathy Gale in the 1960s TV series The Avengers opposite Patrick Macnee – from which the pair had a novelty hit record in 1964 (and again in 1990) with Kinky Boots. That same year she became known to the world as Pussy Galore in Goldfinger. When asked about being a Bond Girl she replied:

“I hate that term. They can call other people Bond girls, but I don’t like it, for the simple reason that that character would have been a good character in any film, not just a Bond film. I consider Bond girls to be those ladies who took one look at Bond and fell on their backs. Whereas Pussy Galore was quite a character.”

Her other roles included Hera in Jason and the Argonauts, Laura West in The Upper Hand, Penny Husbands-Bosworth in Bridget Jones’ Diary and Rula Romanoff in Coronation Street. She also appeared in Cockneys Vs. Zombies, Daughter of Darkness, The New Adventures of Charlie Chan, The Invisible Man, Danger Man, Ghost Squad, The Saint, The Secret of My Success, Fright, Columbo, Robin’s Nest, Never the Twain, Lace, Minder, Doctor Who, William Tell, Dr. Terrible’s House of Horrible, and New Tricks.

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