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Preview- Dead City by Rebecca Fernfield

Twenty months after the worst viral outbreak in history, a cure was developed that saved millions.

It changed them forever.

Now there are two types of survivor: the Cured, and the Immune.

The Immune have become the enemy.

Two years after being cured of the virus, Joel Franklin lives in one of the country’s many containment cities, working twelve-hour shifts, seven days a week, at a heavily guarded food production facility on its outskirts.

Under constant surveillance, he lives in fear, waiting each day for the mutations to appear that will mark him out as a ‘live threat’, a man to be ‘removed’ from the population.

Everything changes the day he meets Amy.

‘Dead City’ is a gripping apocalyptic dystopian thriller about the aftermath of a global viral outbreak that killed billions.

For fans of Ryan Schow, T. W. Piperbrook, Kyla Stone, Frank Tayell, Jack Hunt, Nicholas Sansbury Smith, Grace Miller, Harley Tate, and Jacqueline Druga.

You can pre-order HERE.

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