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Indiegogo Watch: Little Green People

There is something new to take a look at on Indiegogo and it is called Little Green People. It is an episodic comedic adaptation of 1947 UFO crash-landing in Roswell, New Mexico.

During a mishap while transporting a dangerous intergalactic criminal through the Milky Way, the curious alien Qually ends up crashed-landed on Earth and must seek shelter while he waits for his crew to rescue him.

The team behind it would like to invite you to become part of the filmmaking team bringing Little Green People to life! Take a look at their list of perks they have to offer you in exchange for a financial contribution to the project.

How it works: You’ll receive the perks listed under the donation level of your choosing by the estimated date listed with that level. Your generous donation will be used for props, set design, audio equipment, craft services and provisions for the cast and crew of Little Green People.

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Any funds in excess of their goal will go toward post-production costs like editing equipment and film festival fees. Remaining funds that are available after post production and half of the revenue from release will be donated to the restoration efforts in Australia from the brushfires and animal rehabilitation centres to assist with costs of treatments of the injured animals.

You can view the project and the perks available HERE.


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