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Review- Doctor Who Season 12 Ep. 4: Nikola Tesla’s Night of Terror

Mid 2019 and in a preproduction meeting the budget for Doctor Who season 12 is being discussed. ‘We need to save some money on monster costumes’ states a producer ‘we could just paint the Racnoss Empress from The Runaway Bride a different colour’ suggests another; welcome the Queen of the Skithra.

Recycled costumes aside Nikola Tesla’s Night of Terror was well made and a lot of fun. From its inception Doctor Who has always has historical episodes and this tradition has continued in the modern era. These modern historical stories have always felt different the ones from the classic era, but Nikola Tesla’s Night of Terror definitely has its roots in the Pertwee era. The plot, pacing and science talk all screamed third Doctor!

Jodie’s Doctor can sometimes be overshadowed by her companions, especially Bradley Walsh’s Graham; here she shined. She was a commanding screen presence throughout, giving one of her best performances since taking the role.

There was strong support from Goran Visnjic and Robert Glenister playing Tesla and Thomas Edison respectfully. Whilst Goran made Tesla a sympathetic champion Glenister created a perfect anti-hero. Their relationship was both believable and sparked the whole episode.
So it was a highly enjoyable entry into the Whoverse. Not perfect, but well worth a re-watch.

Marks out of 10: 8

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