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Preview- Dogwitch: The Whole Shebang (Hardcover)

For the first time ever you can get your hands on every issue of this cult underground comic series, plus all the pin ups and never seen before extras, all in a sexy hardback cover. Dogwitch is created, written and drawn by Dan Schaffer.

Meet Violet Grimm, outcast 21st century Dogwitch, and her creepy companions, Ralph, a plushy dog with an eye for a good camera shot, and Dolores, a macabre, duplicitous living doll.

Together they navigate life outside the normal realms of humanity as Violet messes with magick most mischievous to try to resurrect her dead sister and find a date with a pulse, all with horrific, kinky but heartwarming results.

“There is no single definition to sum of Violet Grimm, no label that she slides into to be catalogued away. She’s a punk rock, no-holds-barred, unapologetic woman of today and tomorrow.”

– The Soska Sisters, from their introduction.

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