OVERWATCH 2 official trailer released

Overwatch 2 will maintain a “shared multiplayer environment” between it and the original Overwatch, so that the players in either game can compete together in the existing player versus player (PvP) modes, retaining all unlocked cosmetics and other features. All new heroes, maps, and PvP modes will be added to both games to maintain this shared environment. At least two new heroes will be added. A new PvP mode, “Push”, will be introduced, which functions like a tug of war, where each team is vying for control of a robot that is pushing a payload to the opponent’s side of the map when a team controls it; Push will become part of the standard map rotation in the Overwatch League as well as be available for Causal and Competitive play.

Unique to Overwatch 2 will be persistent player versus environment modes (PvE). These are similar to the special seasonal events, which will feature four-player cooperative missions against computer-controlled opponents. In this mode, players can gain experience for the hero they are using, and at certain experience levels, unlock new passive skills that boost the hero’s current abilities, allowing them to customize how the hero players out. At least two modes will be added: a Story-based mission mode, where players are limited to their hero selection in replaying missions based on Overwatch’s lore, and Hero missions which allow all heroes to be used in facing off waves of enemies at various locations.


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