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Cult Movie Essentials: Timecrimes (2007)

Written and directed by Nacho Vigalondo, Timecrimes (aka Los Cronocrímenes) is a Spanish science-fiction thriller. In the documentary Future Shock! The Story of 2000 AD Nacho Vigalondo credits 2000 AD comic magazine as the biggest influence on Timecrimes, particularly the Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons one-off “Chronocops” from #310 (1983).

The film opens in the Spanish countryside where Héctor (Karra Elejalde) and his wife Clara (Candela Fernández) are renovating their home. Héctor receives a phone call, but the person doesn’t say anything. Héctor calls that person back, but nobody answers.

One day Héctor is scanning the forest behind their house with binoculars where he views a young woman take off her T-shirt revealing she is wearing nothing underneath it. After his wife goes shopping Héctor decides to see if the young woman is still in the woods. He finds her naked and unconscious on the ground, then suddenly Héctor is stabbed in the arm by a mysterious man with pink bandages on his face.

Héctor runs away from the man and breaks into a nearby building to hide where via walkie talkie, he chats to a scientist who convinces Héctor that the bandaged man is close and that he needs to hide in a big machine. When he leaves the machine, Héctor discovers that he has travelled approximately an hour back in time.

The scientist explains that the machine is an experimental time machine, and that Hector is now known as “Héctor 2”. The scientist warns Héctor 2 that they need to stay where they are and let events unfold without interference but Héctor 2 ignores him and drives off in a car, passing a cyclist, only to be run off the road by a van, cutting his head, which he wraps using the bandage from his arm wound. The bandage turns pink from absorbing the blood…

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