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Creepshow Ep. 1: Gray Matter/The House of the Head

A Creepshow series was always going to have big shoes to fill but from the opening of the show into the first story “Gray Matter” I am pleased to say that all the comic book transitional effects are present rewarding the viewer with both the warmth of nostalgia and the excitement of what is to come.’

As Gray Matter (directed by Greg Nicotero) opens we meet the legendary Adrienne Barbeau as Rose, the kindly elementary school teacher and general store proprietor of a small coastal Maine town, Doc (Giancarlo Esposito) and Chief Connors (Tobin Bell) all of whom are sheltering from the storm in Rose’s store. Doc and Chief brave a storm to check on Richie, an alcoholic single father, after his terrified son at the Timmy turns up at the store.

Timmy tells Rose the story of his father’s decline whilst Doc and Chief begin their search it what becomes a classic bait-and-switch horror tale.

After a another amazing transitional scene, including some classic comic adverts, the second story, The House of the Head (directed by John Harrison) begins. Focusing on a young girl’s doll house, a more traditional horror tale, almost Poe like, where it would appear the doll house and the dolls within it are haunted by a severed head. The young girl races to acquire other dolls to help her “doll house family.”

Verdict: 7/10. Of the two tales I feel The House of the Head was easily the better story in this episode. In fact it may become one of my favourite Creepshow stories of all time – easily a 9/10. Grey Matter was a good tale but just lacked the emotional involvement that The House of the Head produced- 6/10. Creepshow as a whole though has come out of the gate strong with great stories, great production, and even greater easter eggs! Keep your eyes peeled!


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