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Review- American Horror Story Season 9 Ep. 1: Camp Redwood

After the last few seasons of beaten down tropes, cheap cross-overs and weak endings American Horror Story returned for a ninth season which is also known as AHS 1984. Now I admit I was pretty much AHS’d out and ready to throw the towel in on this one but the promise of an 80’s slasher vibe made me tune in to see what they could deliver.

From the opening we are blasted with 80’s nostalgia and slasher film character types that make you feel you have discovered a forgotten gem from that time. I feel that some of the actors have turned the wooden up in their performance to make it feel more like the genre it is celebrating. Some of the lines they deliver are more than 80’s-tatstic!

As the episode unfolded I wondered if it was a bit too much but then Don Swayze’s evoking of Walt Gorney’s Crazy Ralph from Friday 13th appeared and that was all I needed to keep watching!

Verdict: 8.5/10. Episode 1 succeeds in setting up the series, both in back story, legacy, and characters and provides a number of Easter eggs to boot for the die-hard horror buffs amongst you. The biggest star of the episode is Mac Quayle’s soundtrack which could easily play over any 80’s horror flick. For an 80’s inspires horror show this was the most essential part to get right and Quayle more than delivers! The big challenge for AHS as always is to maintain what they have started a deliver a worthy show and not write themselves into a corner.

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