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Indiegogo Watch: The Mimi Film Completion Funding Campaign

Mimi started out as an idea for a single short film, but branched out into a trilogy. All featuring the wonderfully talented Lamissah La Shontae and directed by Stuart Bannerman, The Mimi films tell of a young girls decent into a very dark life and taking place over a few months.  There are also plans to continue the Mimi films with early talks ongoing.

Whilst Bannerman’s background and focus has been on film publicity for filmmakers across the world, he has now branched out into making my his films.

He notes that “this is a very scary and yet wonderfully exciting journey and one of the best films schools out there. However as anyone that has any sort of creative venture. You can plan all you want, but things will always find a way to throw you a curveball.”

With the first (of three) short films having already been filmed as well as footage that will be used either in the film itself or as part of teaser trailers. The speedbump that Bannerman has hit is the ability to edit the footage. He has the editing suite (Davinci Resolve), he has the footage (shot in 4k) however his poor PC is struggling like an old train when it comes to editing the footage in the quality it needs. He has upgraded the PC’s memory which has helped, but what he needs a new video card to help carry the weight of the task. The video card is approx £140 which doesn’t sound like lot but when added to the final £240 that is needed to complete the filming of the 2nd and 3rd short film (that cost is for an unnamed prop for the 2nd film, and the location for the 3rd film) This means a total of £380 is needed as a minimum to complete the filming of what he has named The Mimi Trilogy. Any funds above target will go towards fees to submit Mimi to film festivals to send Mimi into the bigger world.

You can back the project HERE.

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