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Review: MOMO The Missouri Monster (2019)

MOMO The Missouri Monster is another documentary from the always excellent Small Town Monsters crew. Unlike their other works, this film blends the use of actual documentary footage with snippets of a fictional film about the MOMO monster. It is a jarring gear shift when the film begins, especially if you are familiar with the other work that Small Town Monsters has put out, but once you settle into it, it becomes more fun than your typical cryptid documentary, yet more informative than your regular trashy B movie. The end result is a nearly seamless meshing of the two genres, and is a fresh new take on the cryptid documentary.

Many cryptid documentaries follow the same track and there seems to be a slump in them in general lately, with witness testimony and blurry footage being the main components of most documentaries. They lack a certain flair which STM are famous for bringing. The film largely stars Small Town Monsters alum Lyle Blackburn, playing a fictionalized version of himself. His smooth southern twang is pleasing to listen to, and if you are a fan of Fortean or cryptozoological documentaries/B movies I highly recommend this film.

I can’t really give this film a numerical rating per se, but I really enjoyed it and I hope that STM continues to push the boundaries of their work in the future.

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