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Review- The Boys Ep.1: The Name of the Game

After so much anticipation and worrying that this show would ruin The Boys comic book legacy it was time to watch the first episode. Immediately I was struck but how the look and feel were there from the get go, then to see the tragedy of Wee Hughie’s (Jack Quaid) girlfriend Robin juxtaposed with the optimism of Starlight’s (Erin Moriarty) superhero ambitions filled me with hope for the show.

Some of the language and violence is played down as I expected it would be but at the same time it is by no means tame, what changes have been made can be easily explained. They even dangle a few threads for comic book fans that may or may not be picked up in later episodes. If they do not, the fact they acknowledge them gives comic book fans the knowledge to fill in the gaps.

The introduction of Karl Urban’s Billy Butcher opens up the world to Hughie and we begin to see it through his now cynical eyes. He is down the rabbit hole…

VERDICT: 8/10 Like the comic book it is based on the show remains earnest in its message about hero worship and absolute power.  Just how far they will go to deliver that message, and how far they will follow the source material remains to be seen but I get the feeling the ride has just begun, I just hope they go full throttle on it, as this will make or break the show.



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