IndieGOGO Watch – HIRO: Blood of Patriots

Support the intense action comic HIRO: Blood of Patriots – where HIRO battles the insane warlord Volk to protect America in WW3.
War has changed the way we live. The Red Threat has backed America into a corner. without a solution, America will soon be under the rule of the worlds most ruthless superpower. HIRO is the solution we need. When a soldier dies his fight is not over, HIRO or “Hardware Integrated Reanimation Ordinance” is an A.I. controlled Robotic pack that can reanimate the dead.  This is not a zombie book, HIRO turns fallen warriors into undead super soldiers! In this graphic novel, we will follow HIRO, his creator, and his team on an action-packed, military, sci-fi adventure. If you are a fan of DeathLok, Captain America, and Universal Soldier, you’ll Love HIRO!



What They Need & What You Get

They have a fixed goal of $3800 and plan to use that money for the following:

  • 48 action-packed pages
  • High-quality professional printing
  • Colouring for all pages
  • Shipping containers and handling fees
  • Fulfilment begins Nov 2019

As a fixed goal campaign, if they do not make the goal of $3800 you will be fully refunded!

Stretch Goals

(locked) $3,800 – FUNDED! We’re making a comic!

(locked) $5,500  – Upgraded colours by @vegasdayreal (=Better Colors & Faster Fullfillment!)

(locked) $6,000 – Upgraded printing -cover quality/page quality

(locked) $6,500 – Macho grows his “Dastardly Dan” Curled Mustache!

(locked) $7,000  – More Content!

The Impact

The creators, have been comic book fans our whole lives. They grew up in the 80’s and 90’s in the heyday of extreme action-packed comics. They have been avid consumers of comic books and our desire is to have the chance to give back to the comic book community in the form of content creation. The idea for HIRO is something that they have been developing for a long time. Their hope is that comic book readers will enjoy reading this story as much as they have enjoyed creating it.

Risks & Challenges

This story is written and the artwork as you can see is well on its way. Their biggest challenge at this point is to obtain funding in order to have the artwork coloured by a professional colourist and get high-quality printing. They want the finished product to best represent the story and artwork they have spent years creating. They feel our combined professional experience will ensure this challenge is met.  Mutt-Man has 15 years as a project manager in graphic design and marketing, and Macho Dan has 11 years in marketing and event management. Delivering a quality product and experience for the consumer is something they are confident they can do.

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