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A 40 something obsessed fan boy reflects on the new Star Wars trailer

Well, after the disappointment of Episode 8, I didn’t expect to be this excited by the trailer for Episode 9, but hats off to Disney JJ and KK for at least getting me champing at the bit for the final part of the Skywalker saga.

Aside from a small tear for Leia, most of the minute long teaser barely did a thing for me.  But then we heard Luke’s voice.  No one is ever truly gone, and then we all heard it, loud as life.  The cackle of Emperor Sheev (yes, his first name is Sheev) Palpatine.   And like that, this 40 something obsessed fan boy was back in the game.

Is he going to be in it?  Will he be a force ghost?  Was he controlling Snoke?  Has he been pulling the strings over all 9 films?  Questions, questions, questions.   The cliquey Star Wars groups I frequent in are now absolutely buzzing.  Before Palpy’s laugh no one gave a shit.

For those who didn’t watch the teaser live at Star Wars: Celebration, you may even be doubting that it was him, but those of us who did know for sure.  Before the teaser started, most of the cast of Ep9 and a few droids were on the stage, but when the lights came up, they had been replaced by Ian McDiarmid, who looked into the camera and hissed in a menacing tone, “Roll it. Roll it again”.  And of course, they did.

Wow.  Just wow.  What a way to win back the disgruntled brigade like me?  Next, we got the title.  The Rise of Skywalker. More questions…. Kylo?  He’s more a Solo, surely?  Luke, who just fell? Or is Rey Luke’s daughter?  Or…  Rise, Lord Vader?  Could Hayden Christensen return?    How about this for a bizarre one.  Some people are suggesting that Rey looks suspiciously like a young Shmi Skywalker…  Throw in a bit of time travel and things could go bonkers.

Lando back in the falcon, Rey fully trained, Kylo on the attack and a destroyed Death Star to boot. Endor? Yavin 4 maybe?  We want answers and it looks like we won’t be getting them from a Jedi.

8 months to go and, at last, I for one can’t wait.   Try not to f*ck this one up JJ, you’re our only hope!

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