Cult Movies

Preview- MST3K: Volume X.2 (Bluray)

Funny Strange AND Funny Ha Ha Together At Last! WANTED: Kindred spirit with whom to share four episodes of the incomparably funny TV series Mystery Science Theater 3000. Must love to laugh and have a high tolerance for pain. If you like curling up with huge lizards, voluptuous fugitives, juvenile delinquents and giant spiders, then let’s run away and spend a few hilarious hours watching Joel, Mike and their robot compadres, Tom Servo and Crow, poke loving fun at four of cinema’s questionable treasures. Ready to make a commitment? You won’t be sorry.

Film Include:

  • The Giant Gila Monster
  • Swamp Diamonds
  • Teen-Age Strangler
  • The Giant Spider Invasion

Bonus Features

  • NEW Spider Man: Looking Back With Bill Rebane
  • 10.2 Upgrade Featuring Joel Hodgson, Frank Conniff, And Trace Beaulieu
  • Interview With Don Sullivan
  • Photo Gallery
  • Two Bonus Songs By Don Sullivan
  • Poopie! II
  • Video Jukebox Vol. 1

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