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Chris Hemsworth to play Hulk Hogan in new biopic!

According to reports, Chris Hemsworth will portray Hulk Hogan for a biopic directed by The Hangover mastermind Todd Phillips. Michael Sugar will produce along with Phillips and Bradley Cooper under the duo’s Joint Effort banner. The project is being developed for Netflix.

The Real American will be played by a real Australian… so many questions about this! Who will play Andre? Who will play Brutus Beefcake? Will they remake No Holds Barred as part of the process? Make sure your phone is on Tiny Lister!

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  1. “You know something, Avengers, first things first: I want Tony Stark to know, Steve Rodgers to know, Peter Quill to know, that the Gods of Asgard have given their blessing. You’re not responsible for the last couple of your teammates being turned to dust, brother. The main priority in the wielding of the Stormbreaker is to have flexibility of the wrist that you throw the axe at your opponent with, brother, because in the Battle Against Thanos, when you’re in the the battlezone of Wakonda, the main priority is—is to get the body in the proper position for the impalement, dudes.

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    I had to do this, you understand? I HAD to do this.


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