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Mazinger Z Vs. Transformers manga announced

Village Books have announced a crossover six chapter manga event which will see Mazinger Z and the Transformers cross-over!
The manga’s plot is written by Hiroto Isihikawa with artist Naoto Tsushima credited for the story’s synopsis. The artists illustrating the manga are: Yu Kinutani, Hayato Sakamoto, Hidetsugu Yoshioka, Kazuya Hoshi, Naoyuki Fujisawa, and Naoto Tsushima.
Mazinger Z series creator Go Nagai illustrated the main cover of this crossover. Aside from Nagai’s cover, Village Books will release three other covers by Tsuyoshi Nonaka, Shinobu Kaze, and Yuki Ooshima. The book will also feature additional gallery artwork from Shinobu Kaze, Tsuyoshi Nonaka, Yuki Ooshima, and Fumitaka Kunugi.

Mazinger Z vs. Transformers is set for a March 28th 2019 release in Japan.

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