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Wireless Theatre – Night of The Orchid

This is my second review of a Wireless Theatre production, so when it fell in to my in-tray, I was instantly assured that I was going to be listening to an audio treat, and I wasn’t wrong.  The first thing I must say is that I started to listen to this without any knowledge of the story or of the actors taking part, and I’m glad I had that luxury as my listening pleasure evolved with the story.

What I love about Wireless Theatre’s production skills is that they go the extra mile with their production quality, you hear everything, breathing, foot movement, a rusty door hinge, everything.  The consideration put into the sound effects in Night of The Orchid is 100%.  You actually feel you’re out in the climate of the scenes, be it out in the snow, or in the warmth of a cosy living room, it’s a certain special that you have to allow yourself to be immersed in.

As I’ve explained before, I’m not into spoilers but I’d just like to say that as the story unfolds, it becomes evidently clear that this story is a love/horror story and perfect for a Halloween time of year.  The story revolves around a young woman who is at a stage where she feels she needs a change of scenery, leaves her Fiancé at the Altar, and goes to visit her auntie in a remote Scottish location, so remote that with the snowy weather conditions the home of her Auntie is cut off.  Her Auntie is very welcoming, the opposite of her Auntie’s Housemaid, and as the story unfolds, so does the history between the three women, but it’s deeper than that, there is a man involved.  During a wander around the house, the young Woman is surprised to meet a young man in the greenhouse, a greenhouse where nothing is growing except a solitary Orchid in its infant stage.  They spend a while getting to know each other and, inevitably, an intriguing passion, not love, story unfolds.

The story revolves around the male character more than the young woman as the story starts to explain the reason he’s there, what he’s about and the horror of his past, the story really is an enjoyment, even for this non-horror fan, to behold and is a listening pleasure for sure.

I will leave you with this, being totally in the dark of the storyline is the best way to listen to this adventure of romance, deceit, passion, and terror.  The storyline has been expertly written, expertly acted and expertly produced and it is well worth listening to.

You can listen to the trailer below and ORDER HERE.

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