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Doctor Who Season 11 Ep. 10: The Battle of Ranskoor Av Kolos

‘Doctor Who’ series finales are usually explosive affairs full of action and jeopardy. Unfortunately the final episode of season 11 was a little bit of a letdown.

Let me make it clear it wasn’t terrible. There was a good story, some nice twists and even some worthy performances. We were even treated to some references to the Eccleston and Tennant eras. So what was wrong?

Firstly although the story was good it was marred by stodgy direction and execution. Everything seemed to take a minute or two longer than it should of. Some of the supporting cast also let down the leads; Mark Addy as ‘Paltraki’ seemed to phone in his performance. The combination of these elements made the episode drag it heals from scene to scene.

A few of the effects didn’t seem to work. The casing for the mystery rocks looked like cheap plastic. Also the citadel looked like the ship from ‘Arrival’ made by a toddler.

There were a few positives. Once again Bradley Walsh provided the episode with emotional depth; he has been for me the standout performer of the whole series. Jodie also continues, much in the way David Tennant was, to be a charming presence as the ‘Doctor’. For me the segue from male to female has been flawless and handled with complete integrity.

By no means perfect ‘The Battle of Ranskoor Av Kolos’ was mildly entertaining. You just want and need so much more from a finale, especially as there is to be no series next year. Fingers crossed that the New Years special provides the excitement this episode so sorely missed.

Rated out of 10: 7

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