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Trailer released for The Great Buddha Arrival

The Great Buddha Arrival is a 2018 Japanese Kaiju film directed by Hiroto Yokokawa and starring Kazuma Yoneyama, Masanori Kikuzawa, Yukijirō Hotaru and Akira Takarada.

It is a remake of the 1934 Japanese film Daibutsu Kaikoku by Yoshiro Edamasa which was about a big Buddha statue. “Daibutsu” means a big Buddha statue, “Kaikoku” means walking around a country.

Daibutsu Kaikoku was lost during World War 2. So the grandson of Yoshiro Edamasa and some creators has started to raise a fund at Japanese crowdfunding website Kickstarter. A big Buddha statue was designed by the creator Keisuke Yoneyama, Oscar winner Guillermo del Toro, a director of The Shape of Water, also praised his creature design.

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