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Review- Doctor Who Season 11 Ep. 5: The Tsuranga Conundrum

Every year on November 5th the residents of Britain celebrate the killing of a Catholic by burning bonfires and setting off firework. It’s perhaps ironic then that, on the weekend before said celebration, the main issue with ‘The Tsuranga Conundrum’ was the lack of spark (it was a long way round, but that joke was worth it).

So what was wrong? It wasn’t a terrible episode by any means. It was mildly entertaining and a little bit fun. What was it then? Then it hit me, nothing seems to be working the way it should. The story seemed like a reworked version of the Tennant episode ‘42’, the direction seemed a little flat, and the dialogue just was a little generic. One of the main casualties was the banter between the leads. In previous episodes near on every joke has hit it mark, here they just didn’t connect; you could almost sense the awkwardness of the actors.

The subplot of the sibling rivalry between ‘Eve’ and ‘Durkas Cicero’ was never fully explored. It almost seemed rushed and brushed aside. It’s a shame as Ben Bailey Smith was criminally underused.

New alien ‘P’Ting’ has not fared well with some other critics. I liked it and think it’s something that could definitely be used again. Although a creature not only eats non-organic waste is a little unoriginal. I felt the ‘Doctors’ speech along the lines of it’s not evil, it’s just hungry was in a way making sure that it can later be marketed as a cute plush toy.

As I said it wasn’t all bad, the trouble I’m having is thinking of a moment that seemed good enough to mention in a review. There isn’t any, they were just in the main average. You count the prayer the ‘Doctor’ and others give at the end in honour of those who didn’t make it. Done better this could have been one of those bring you to tears moments, but no, no tears.

It’s a shame because there was a great episode there, it’s just not had the chance to be realised. With one or two stand out moments this could of earned an extra point, but alas no.

Rated out of 10: 6

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