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Kamen Rider Hibiki coming to bluray

Toei have announced that Kamen Rider Hibiki will soon get three Blu-ray box sets.
Each box set contains 3 discs and the sets will include a 16-page booklet. All sets will include these bonuses: non-super OP and ED and preliminary announcement PR collection, all of which were included in the DVD releases.

The first box set includes episodes 1-14 of the TV series, and a new special video interview with Kamen Rider Hibiki star Shigeki Hosokawa. The set will include planned special interviews with actors Jouji Shibue (Kamen Rider Hibiki) and Mayu Gamo (Kasumi Tachibana). The item is set for a January 9th 2019 release.

The second box set includes episodes 15-29 of the series, and will include planned special interviews with the following actors: Shingo Kawaguchi (Kamen Rider Todoroki), Miyuki Kanbe (Hinaka Tachibana), Rakuto Tochihara (Asumu Adachi), Erika Mori (Hitomi Mochida), Mitsu Murata (Douji), and Sei Ashina (Hime). The item is set for a March 6th 2019 release.

The third set includes episodes 30-48 of the series, and will include planned special interviews with the following actors: Rakuto Tochihara (Asumu Adachi), Yuichi Nakamura (Kyosuke Kiriya), Kenji Matsuda (Kamen Rider Zanki), Nana Akiyama (Akira Amami), Masako Umemiya (Midori Takizawa), Shigeki Hosokawa (Kamen Rider Hibiki), and Atomu Shimojo (Ichiro Tachibana). In addition to these planned interviews, the set also comes with the Kamen Rider Hibiki: Asumu Henshin! You Can Be an Oni, too!! DVD special, junction collection, present notice, and new program preview. This item is set for a May 8th 2019 release.

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