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Bob Frazer to play the Psycho-Pirate in the Arrowverse Elseworlds crossover

Bob Frazer has been cast as the Roger Hayden/Psycho-Pirate in the Arrowverse Elseworlds crossover.
Frazer previously played an angry Father in the Supergirl episode “Damage” (Season 3 Ep. 5) but it is believed these roles are not related.
With the Psycho-Pirate in place it would seem all roads are leading to the Crisis on Infinite Earths. Where in the comics the Monitor recruits Psycho-Pirate, who goes on to help Firestorm recruit Killer Frost to the Monitor’s team by making her fall in love with her enemy—but he is abducted by the Anti-Monitor.
Psycho-Pirate becomes an accomplice to the Anti-Monitor, for his services he requests an entire world to play with. He soon begins manipulating a captive Barry Allen, his powers briefly being enhanced so that he can control the remaining three alternate Earths—Earth-4, Earth-S, and Earth-X—so that their heroes are provoked into attacking the teams sent to rescue them, although use of his powers on this scale causes him to “burn out” so that he cannot use his powers again afterward.
After the resolution of the Crisis, Psycho-Pirate is one of the few to have full memories of the event and they drive him insane. At the end of the book Psycho-Pirate is shown in a straitjacket, as the scene pans out from his eyes to a full view of Earth from space.

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