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Kickstarter Watch: Eat Me Out (of House and Home) – A Short Film

Eat Me Out (of House and Home) is a short comedy horror written by Tony Sands (Echoes of the Passed, The Bench) and Damon Rickard (The Tour, The Package, Dissociative and Stolen) and is also directed by Damon. It will make you laugh… well it made us laugh….. and it will make those of you that aren’t a part of it wish you were. If you don’t want to experience the Fear Of Missing Out Syndrome then send your cash our way and you’ll be secure in the knowledge that you are vaccinated against FOMOS

It was the brain child of Tony who pitched the idea to Damon and he was instantly on board to both co-write and direct.

Tony is a writer / actor who has just recently written and starred in the award winning short film Echoes of the Passed (directed by Scott Lyus). Tony has recently been announced as deputy director of the Unrestricted View Horror Film Festival. Tony likes to think of himself as a comedian and in fairness that is really funny.

Damon is the writer / producer / director of award winning short films The Tour, The Package and Dissociative as well as the non award winning short film Stolen. If you ask Damon, he will tell you that everyone thinks he’s funny. If you ask everyone they will tell you they spend far too much time humouring him.

So this is a short comedy horror in the vein of Come Dine With Me. Six guests, six plates of food and maybe a little something extra on the menu that wasn’t anticipated. Imagine Aaron Sorkin writing Carry On Screaming. Wouldn’t that be cool. But anyway lets stop daydreaming and get back to this one….

This film brings together some fantastic talent both in front of the camera and behind it. And with the track record of Tony and Damon, you will get a professional, polished film. We can’t guarantee you’ll like it as if we could we’d be running Hollywood. But we can guarantee you that we love the script, we’re incredibly passionate about the films we make and we’ll give everything we have to make sure we bring you the best project possible.

They have been mainly funding their film-making themselves over the last couple of years, pulling in favours left, right and centre. They try and avoid asking for support of the cold hard cash kind wherever we can but the simple fact for us this time is that theycannot bring this one to life without your help!

So back it now on KICKSTARTER.

The money will go on covering people’s expenses and dependent on how much they raise, paying them a token amount for taking two days to do this film for us (this often can mean people involved turning down properly paid work – people who do short films first and foremost do it because they believe in the project), purchasing props, getting kit, make up fx, feeding and watering everyone, costumes, location, post production and festival entries. The amount we are asking for is the minimum really to enable us to cover most of that – they are dipping into our own pockets too. We wouldn’t ask you to do something we’re not prepared to do.

Ultimately the more they raise the more can go into the film and the better we can make it so if you see that target hit then please don’t stop donating – we have added in stretch goals (Hit the link). They can also then give more back to the cast and crew. Those of us that are putting this project together however, do not take a penny from the money we raise.

You can see that from the films they have already made, even incredibly small budget ones, they get out into the public eye. Their films combined have had well over 100 festival plays so you can be assured they’re not fly by night, don’t know what they’re doing, run away with your money types. They want you to feel comfortable that you are supporting a legitimate, quality campaign. They also have the precedent of previous campaigns which have fulfilled all perks.

You can actually see two of Damon’s and one of Tony’s shorts on Amazon Prime (The Package, Dissociative and The Bench) and The Tour is currently sitting at over 80,000 views over on the Screamfest YouTube page. The Package has also just been played on Fear Haus, garnering 2K views in a week. Echoes is still doing the festival rounds and will be view-able soon.

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